Big Ideas on Designing a Small Space

Big Ideas on Designing a Small Space

Small spaces are often thought of as cramped and uncomfortable, but that doesn't have to be the case! A well-designed small space can be just as cozy and luxurious as a large one.

Today, we'll share some tips on designing any small space, including advice on interior decorating, choosing the right furniture, and other tricks of the trade. We'll also go over how to decorate a small living room, how to decorate a small bedroom, and much more. 


Bucks Thruhiker Study Table

Mirrors: The Oldest Trick in the Designer's Book

One great way to design a small space is to use a lot of mirrors. They  not only add visual interest, but also create a sense of size and distance.

For example, instead of putting large pieces of furniture in a small living room, use several large mirrors to create the illusion of space. The same idea can be applied to a small dining room, to create an illusion of space between the dining chairs and the table.


Create a More Intimate Space

One of the reasons that small spaces can be intimidating is that they can feel like they’re too small for people to sit comfortably. To create a comfortable small space, you have to adjust to the smallness of the room.

For example, instead of having seating that is a full arm length away from the TV, put furniture closer together. This creates a more intimate space and makes people feel more comfortable.


Use Sectional Sofas

One of the best ways to create a small space is to use sectional sofas. Sectional sofas are available in a variety of lengths, so they can be used to create a variety of small space designs.

For example, a sectional sofa that is 72 inches long can be used to create a small living room design. This allows you to use larger sofas that would normally be too large for a small space, while still maintaining the cozy small space feel.


Blend Large and Small Pieces of Furniture

Chippewa Dalhousie Bed

One of the best ways to add depth and dimension to a small space is to use a blend of large and small pieces of furniture.

For example, instead of using only large furniture, such as sofas, use a small sectional sofa with a coffee table or two end tables to add depth to a small living room. This creates not only a cozy and warm atmosphere, but also the illusion of space.

The same idea can be applied to a small bedroom using a king sized bed, a dresser, and a nightstand.

The grand design of the Chippewa Dalhousie Bed (featured here) is, for example, balanced brilliantly against the very elegant and petite Pestalozzi Dana Nightstand.

You can continue this look in your living room with matching coffee tables, console tables and accent chairs. We have modern looks for living rooms as well, including the Magdalene Fables sectional and the Mezcla Istanbul sofa.


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