So What is Modern Furniture?

So What is Modern Furniture?

In interior design, furniture is a vital element that determines the style of your room and its comfort levels.

The difference between modern and contemporary furniture is in their history. Modern furniture encompasses several different styles, but it focuses on the minimalism of the 20th century, with its emphasis on clean lines and simple shapes.


History of Modern Furniture

Modern furniture designs are a specific style. Modern design began with the Bauhaus school of design, which began in the early 1900s.

The Bauhaus was a rebellion against ornate designs, and embraced clean lines. Before that was art deco, with its flourishes and ornamentations.


The Mid-century Modern Movement

The mid-century modern movement was a popular style in the US, during the 1950s and 1960s.

This movement began with the "Case Study House" program by Arts & Architecture magazine, which introduced the design of houses to magazines. The popularity of this design lead to other products becoming mid-century modern, including furniture and appliances.


Contemporary Furniture Styles

Contemporary furniture, however, doesn’t refer to a specific movement. Contemporary furniture embraces the designs of our day, so its definition is fluid.

It’s understandable how much we confuse modern design with contemporary design, because they both share and embrace minimalism and simplicity.

There are a lot of contemporary furniture styles that have a daring sophistication that comes in the form of just a splash of colour. That is unless you're going for a retro look, then it has to be all about the colour!


Minimalism in Modern Furniture Design

One of the most popular design trends in the modern era is minimalism. This style, with its clean lines and lack of colour, is often seen in homes, offices, and public spaces.

The minimalism design trend is derived from the idea that less is more. By having cleaner lines with few colours in a space, it creates a calming environment for users.

The Alfonso Nova Sectional (featured here) would be right at home on the set of Dream Home Makeover, with a mid-century modern look.

You can continue this look in your dining room with a matching dining table, bench, and dining chair. We have modern looks for bedrooms as well, including the Dottie Acer bed and the Chippewa Dalhousie bed.



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