Matias Gambit

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Literally translating to "Gift from God" in Hebrew, Matias is also our all-Italian anthology of designer decor and nature-inspired accessories that blend luxurious materials and intricate detailing with a distinctly modern flair for the dramatic.

There are 3 pieces in this set.

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A Wooden Story


Dressers, Everything!

Synchron Shutter SCH-277 Sessile Oak 16mm Plywood Carcass (Beatrix)

Synchron Shutter SCH-277 Sessile Oak 16mm Plywood Drawer (Beatrix)

Mirror Buffing Statuario Top (Beatrix)

White Matt Duco 15mm MDF Top (Beatrix)

Natural White Ash Legs (Beatrix)

Brass Transparent Coat Mild Steel Knobs (Beatrix)

Gold PVD Stainless Steel 304 Matt Frame (Cenric)


Ships ready-to-use in 8-9 weeks.

Please note: This item is Made-to-Order and non-refundable, so we ask you to carefully measure both the space where this item will live, and the path for delivery (stairways, doorways, etc.)

Please communicate any changes to your order within 48 hours.

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Outer Width: 48" Depth: 18" Height: 84"

Beatrix Width: 48" Depth: 18" Height: 30"

Cenric Width: 20" Depth: 1" Height: 42"

Daisuke Width: 17" Depth: 11" Height: 54"

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