Novia Georgian

₹ 148,199.00 includes shipping and taxes in India
Every piece in the Novia range brings you a warm, earthy feel, a sturdy build, and a well-travelled, Bohemian design language that makes it an ideal anchor for living rooms of all styles.

There are 3 pieces in this set.

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Black Distressed/Charcoal Acacia Structure (Carmine)

Black Distressed/Charcoal Acacia Structure (Daisuke)

Black Distressed/Charcoal Acacia Structure (Diapa)


Ships ready-to-use in 6-7 weeks.

Please note: This item is Made-to-Order and non-refundable, so we ask you to carefully measure both the space where this item will live, and the path for delivery (stairways, doorways, etc.)

Please communicate any changes to your order within 48 hours.

If you need any help from our designers with the sizes, materials, or delivery before ordering, please get in touch with us on or +91 8799 683 735 and we will be happy to help!


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Carmine Width: 13" Depth: 13" Height: 13.5"

Daisuke Width: 18.25" Depth: 18.25" Height: 19.85"

Diapa Width: 26" Depth: 26" Height: 15.85"

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