Restyle your Guest Bathroom for a Killer First Impression

Restyle your Guest Bathroom for a Killer First Impression

Choosing the right theme for your guest bathroom can be difficult at times. And there are just so many different themes to choose from, that it can be really hard even to know where to start.

Today, we will go over some of the most popular bathroom themes and trends making waves all around us in 2022. And we will also look at what you should consider when choosing a theme for your guest bathroom.


First Impressions!

Designing a guest bathroom is not just about making it pretty. The key to success is creating a space that feels luxurious and comfortable, just as much as the rest of your home. That is why it needs to be clean, fresh, and well-decorated.

And you should also make sure that you have the necessary amenities so that guests feel comfortable and welcome.


The Essentials for a Great Guest Bathroom

A great place to showcase your unique style and personality, a guest bathroom is also the perfect place to make a first impression. We want guests to feel welcome and at home when they enter our space, but it’s hard to do that if the bathroom is cluttered and dirty.

The thing about guest bathrooms is that they are often overlooked in terms of decoration, largely because we often forget that they need to be a part of the style and feel elsewhere in your home.

But what makes a guest bathroom stand out? There are many different ways you can go about it, and we’ve put together some inspiration today just for you!


New Trends in the Guest Bathroom Space

The guest bathroom space has been experiencing some major changes in the past few years. The trends we're seeing are more and more eco-friendly, with a focus on sustainability.

Modern trends are also focusing on comfort and convenience for the guest. These include features like heated floors, mood lighting, and even aromatherapy to help guests relax after long days of travel.


Which Accessories Should you Include in your Guest Bathrooms?

A guest bath should be as welcoming as the rest of your home. And this is why you should consider adding some decorative accessories to make it more inviting.

If you want to add some colour to the room, you can also go with a bright rug that will make the space feel more cheerful and relaxing.

And the Carambia Elyss Mirror (featured here) is just what your guests need to reflect on things, so to speak!

We have modern looks for bedrooms as well, including the Zack Zibek bed and the Valeri Bianca bed. And while you're here, please consider giving your dining room a touch of class with some of our latest designer rugs, benches, and chairs.



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