The Beauties of Coastal Kitchen Design

The Beauties of Coastal Kitchen Design

The most common theme in a Coastal Style kitchen is the use of wood, in the form of both cabinetry and flooring.


Is the Coastal Look for Me?

The look is perfect for those who want to add a feel of the beach to their kitchens, without having to leave the comfort of their homes. As such, the look is a great way to bring the beach indoors without having to sacrifice any of the character of your home.


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Use Sand and Wood-based Decor

The best way to bring the fun and excitement of the beach indoors is to use furnishings and decor that are relevant to the beach.

For example, you can use sand-coloured kitchen cabinets and flooring to give your kitchen the look and feel of being on the shore. You can also use wood-based furnishings and decor, such as wooden table and chairs, to give your kitchen the rustic feel of being on the coast.


The Charm of the Contemporary Coastal

The Contemporary Coastal is a unique design that is characterised by its clean lines and overall simplicity. The room is decorated in warm colours in order to encourage its guests to lounge in the room at length, and this is because the room makes the guests feel relaxed while cooking or having a quiet conversation with loved ones. The room is laid out in a way and uses the kind of furniture that makes the guests feel as if they are in their own homes.


Choose Coastal Colours

Colours are a crucial part of creating an aesthetic space, as they directly affect our mood and emotions. Coastal kitchen design is a unique type of interior design because it focuses on using the colour palette found in nature.

In coastal kitchen design, you want to choose colours that are comforting, soothing and pleasing to the eye. This can be seen in coastal homes through the use of deep blues, light and bright yellows, and oranges and greens with driftwood, seashells and other natural objects. 

Wood is more than just a building material in coastal kitchens. It is a culinary and design element that can be used extensively. And wood also provides warmth to a coastal kitchen design, and it’s also more practical than other materials in the kitchen space.


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Use Wood Suitable for Coastal Kitchen Design

Wooden furniture has always been popular in the coastal kitchens of many a proud homeowner, but they can be expensive. So coastal designers often recommend using natural wood as much as possible, but there are even less expensive alternatives that are still stylish and durable.

Laminate counter-tops, for example, offer an affordable way to kitchen renovations for those with limited budgets.

And if limited space is your worry instead, then the highly elegant, highly compact Valiha Zany Bar & Counter Stool (featured here) complement almost any counter-top in a modern-day decor.

You can continue this look in your dining room with matching dining tables, benches, and dining chairs. We have modern looks for dining room, including the Amulet Ignis dining table and the Torrent Coca bench.


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