Awesome Home Interiors with Designer Rugs

Awesome Home Interiors with Designer Rugs

Today we look at what to consider while picking out a rug for your home, and the best ways to get that designer look without spending a fortune.


Options for Your Rugs

Designer rugs come in an expansive gamut of designs, sizes, textures, and colours.

Umbra Serin Sofa

You can choose from classic designs such as the herringbone, the chevron, and the tikka, to more contemporary designs such as zigzag, radial, and poplin.

And these days, you can also get designer rugs with subtle patterns that can easily be combined with other designs in your home to uplift and accentuate your designs.

Rugs also come in different materials, such as natural fibre, acrylic fibre, and silk fibre. 


High on Style, Low on Prices

If you are looking to bring a little bit of design and glamour into your home on a shoestring budget, designer rugs are the way to go.

Designer rugs are not just for making your home look stylish, as top designers also use them to balance the design and décor in the home. And using them as a focal point in your home effectively brings in the essence of style and tradition without disturbing the overall motif and mood of the space.

You can also use designer rugs to play up the design of your home by just using them as a backdrop to everything else happening in the room.


The Music of Rugs

Rugs are an excellent way to add a bit of quiet to a room where you need that, or to “turn up” the volume on a space when you want to make a louder, bolder statement. This is especially true with designer rugs that can be used to complement or contrast other design elements in a room.

Design experts often recommend using a bold rug to “turn up” the volume and complement a bold design element, like a large wall mural. Or you can bring in a quiet rug to temper the volume and accompany a more subtle design.


Designer Rugs Are Great Investments Too!

Designer rugs make your home look amazing and work as a great investment. Even if you have a small space, you can still use them to make your interiors look nicer and more elegant.

Wharf Indiana Accent Chair

As long as you choose the right one, a designer rug can add both value and style to your home.


It's All in the Pattern

The best-looking rugs for a living room are the ones that have unique patterns, ones that are not commonly found in rugs available in most markets.

And the Wharf Indiana Accent Chair (featured here), when matched with your favourite rug and accent table, creates a heady mix of traditional and formal, country chic and casual.

We invite you to check out some of our latest designer rugs, benches, and chairs for your dining room, and we now also offer some of the best looks for modern-day living rooms, including the Evie Karson coffee table and the Pueblo Amber console table.



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